Money Travel Tips To Remember When Preparing Your Travel Money

Preparing for a trip is not actually difficult especially if you prepared ahead of time. One of the things you need to prepare and the most important item you should bring when you travel is money. Here is a list of how you should prepare this important commodity on your travel abroad.

Check the monetary conversion. Looking up the conversion rates before you go. It is very necessary because you definitely do not want to be surprised to go to your destination realizing that your money is not enough. Make sure you do the right math and get a sense of the conversion rate of your country to your point of destination.

Your credit card. If you are going to rely much on your credit cards, make sure that your cards work and accepted in the country you are visiting. Keep in mind that European banks have already switched to the more safe and secure chip-and-PIN technology and only a couple of businesses are accepting the old magnetic-strip cards.

Don’t change your money at the airport. You won’t get a good conversion rate in the airport or even around the city. It is better if you just use an ATM or go straight to a bank to have your money changed. They don’t usually charge a lot and the conversion is exact.

Prepare local cash. Don’t assume that all places accept credit cards especially when you ride the local transportation. Better have local cash ready and with you at all times.

Honeymoon Destinations – Popular Places To Visit This 2019

Ever wonder where you would go for your honeymoon? Here are some of our best and popular travel destinations for couples on a honeymoon this 2019:

Koh Lanta – Thailand

If you want an uncrowded island that provides an array of beautiful beaches, then Koh Lanta is for you. When in the province, you can visit Khao Mai Kaew Caves, Lanta Old Town, Klong Dao Beach, and Ko Lanta National Park.

Ubud – Bali

If you want to save money but still want to go to an unforgettable honeymoon location, then Bali is the right place to go. This secluded town called Ubud is the middle of a peaceful jungle which can really be a romantic location as you will be away from many people.

Langkawi – Indonesia

Langkawi has the most gorgeous beaches in Malaysia and is perfect for your once in a lifetime honeymoon. You can visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge, ride the Langkawi Cable Car, and visit the Underwater World.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

For newlyweds who want to have total privacy and want to have a total romantic time with their loved ones before they become totally busy with marriage life, Cambodia is the perfect place. This island in Koh Rong is your dream destination. You and your new partner will enjoy time snorkelling or scuba diving and just enjoy a quiet and relaxing time at Long Beach.

Sunshine Coast – Australia

From its charming beachside to its pleasant climate, Sunshine Coast has it all and can be a perfect romantic getaway you newlyweds want. Perfect time to visit is from May to November and while there, you will be able to enjoy the many offerings this beachside has to offer.