Travel Is Good – Reasons To Love Travel

There are many reasons why people love to travel. But the most common reason is we simply want to find joy in being in a new place. The sense of not knowing what to expect and the unfamiliarity of a destination makes most travellers anticipate the unknown positively.

Why do People Travel

To break a routine. Do you know that most people follow the work, commute, TV, eat, sleep, commute, repeat pattern 51 weeks a year just to get that one week of vacation? It is like we wear an invisible house arrest ankle bracelet, and we don’t even feel it. Travelling allows us to learn new things, meet new people, and acquire people’s perspectives and not just our own letting us gain more experience.

To see a change of scenery. Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you see a green place or white sand and blue sea after being in a cold and grey city for a long time? But it is not just the escape from the cold that changes our perspectives, studies show that even our brain synapses work better when we experience a change of scenery. We become more creative, we move more and the effect is just amazing.

To experience the real world. Many travellers tend to be more open-minded especially those who really love to travel. They easily interact with people without getting shy or nervous when asking for help. They are more open in making connections and finding lasting friendships because of the experience.

Spending the Day in Barcelona

As one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Barcelona is home to millions of residents who love the stunning beaches, warm weather, rich culture and architecture.

So how do we think you should spend a perfect day in Barcelona? Read on to find out what our well traveled Australian friends would recommend.

Take a free walking tour

Walking tours are a great way to get to know a city while learning about its history. ‘Sandeman’s’ and ‘Free Walking Tours Barcelona’ are the two best options to kick off your day and help you get a feel for Barcelona.

Visit the Barri Gotic

Barcelona’s old Gothic Quarter features narrow, winding streets and plenty of historic buildings. From here you can easily access the Barcelona History Museum and The Grand Royal Palace, home to the kings of Aragon.

Barcelona Cathedral

A short distance from the above spots, the Barcelona Cathedral was built during the late 13th to early 15th centuries and is a fantastic site to see for the small €7 entry fee. Anyone who loves architecture can’t miss seeing this!

Park Güell

Spend the afternoon outdoors in Park Güell, a 45-acre garden complex and World Heritage Site. The main terrace is surrounded by a long bench shaped like a sea serpent, which is perfect for a photo op! From here you can go to La Sagrada Família, a church that has been under construction for over 100 years and is an amazing piece of detailed architecture. This is an absolute must-see; it’s breathtaking.

Spend your evening watching flamenco

You can’t visit Barcelona without watching some flamenco dancing! Head to Los Tarantos, Barcelona’s oldest flamenco venue, for a 30-minute show, or Palau Dalmases, the most stunning flamenco venue in Barcelona. This palace has amazing décor and architecture, and even includes a drink with your ticket.

Allium Restaurant

For dinner, head to Barcelona’s best natural food restaurant, Allium, which only uses local ingredients. This well-priced establishment has a rustic feel, and the staff are always lovely. This is a great place to get the true Barcelona experience of great food and great hospitality.

This list is just a small part of everything Barcelona has to offer, but if your trip is only a short one, it’s a great way to see the best of Barcelona. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with this incredible city.